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Simultaneous Interpreting at International Conference in Restorative and Biomimetic Dentistry

I'm excited to share with you my recent experience at the International Conference of Restorative and Biomimetic Dentistry in Chile, held in 2023. This three-day event was nothing short of remarkable, and I had the privilege of being a part of it as a simultaneous interpreter. As always, I made every effort to deliver the best possible simultaneous interpreting service in dentistry. Let me take you on a journey through the conference and my role in contributing to its success.

A Global Gathering of Dental Minds

The International Conference of Restorative and Biomimetic Dentistry (CIORB) is renowned for being a platform where dental professionals from around the world come together to exchange knowledge, insights, and experiences. The 2023 edition of CIORB lived up to this reputation and then some. Attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of presentations, workshops, and discussions, all aimed at advancing the field of dentistry.

Sharing Wisdom and Expertise

The heart of any conference lies in the knowledge shared by its speakers. CIORB 2023 was no exception. I extend my heartfelt thanks to David Alleman, Davey Alleman, Bart Van Meerbeek, Alireza Sadr, Marco Carvalho, Roberto Tello, and Didier Dietschi for their dedication and generosity in imparting their wealth of knowledge and expertise. These individuals are the backbone of events like CIORB, and their contributions are invaluable.

Behind the Scenes: My Role as a Simultaneous Interpreter

One of the highlights of my experience at CIORB 2023 was being entrusted with the role of a simultaneous interpreter. This vital role allowed me to bridge language barriers and facilitate communication between speakers and attendees from diverse linguistic backgrounds. It was a challenging yet incredibly rewarding experience.

As an interpreter, my mission was to ensure that every word spoken during the conference resonated flawlessly with the audience. The precision required in simultaneous interpretation is intense, but it's the key to making international events like CIORB accessible and inclusive. I'm grateful to Jorge Aravena, Jorge O’Brien, and Claudio Sotomayor for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this incredible event.

A Shoutout to the Unsung Heroes

While interpreters play a crucial role, they are not the only unsung heroes behind the scenes. Luis Olguin, from Audiovisual Viprofilm, deserves special recognition for providing outstanding services and impeccable sound quality. His work ensured that the conference ran smoothly, and every participant could follow along effortlessly.

I'd also like to extend my appreciation to Nicolás García Santos for his unwavering support throughout the conference. His assistance was invaluable in making sure everything went smoothly behind the scenes.

Looking Ahead to CIORB Chile 2024

As the 2023 conference came to a close, the anticipation for CIORB Chile 2024 was already building. The success of this year's event has set high expectations for the next one. So, mark your calendars, because CIORB Chile 2024 promises to be another exceptional gathering of dental minds.

CIORB 2023 was an unforgettable journey of learning, sharing, and connecting with colleagues from around the world. It showcased the boundless potential of international conferences in advancing the field of dentistry. I'm grateful to have played a part in this extraordinary event as a simultaneous interpreter, and I eagerly look forward to seeing you all next year at CIORB Chile 2024. Until then, keep smiling, and keep exploring the world of dentistry!


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